Music to Christmas To

I made a Christmas playlist for you guys. Click here to download it.


Track Listing:

1. Santa Claus is Back in Town – Elvis Presley

2. Merry Christmas Baby – Otis Redding

3. Jul det’ Cool – MC Einar

4. Christmas Ghost – The Raveonettes

5. Christmas in the Room – Sufjan Stevens

6. ¿Donde Está Santa Claus? – Augie Rios

7. What Christmas Means to Me – Stevie Wonder

8. The Little Drummer Boy – Johnny Cash

9. El Niño – Willie Nelson


The Song Sings Itself

As I have stated before, I love making mixtapes, but I’ve always wanted to take it further than just a list of songs in sequence. I’m a fan of the more involved “sound collage” approach where additional sound samples and instrumental tracks are used to create seamless transitions and add a more atmospheric and thematic feel to the whole thing. Done correctly, (like the Mondo Boys are known to do) the mixtape can present songs in a whole new context and as part of a coherent narrative arc.

To wit, the last couple days I’ve spent way more time than I would like to admit putting together a summer mixtape for you guyz! (It was really fun doing it too! Can I do this as job please?) It’s called: The Death of Enthusiasm Presents, The Song Sings Itself: A Summer Mixtape.

In addition to the actual songs, I’ve integrated a whole bunch of sound clips from my favorite films. Since this is supposed to be a soundtrack to leisurely summer activities (long drives, poolside naps, etc.) the tone is upbeat and a bit relaxed (It might even get a little bit poignant at the end!).

In order to better simulate the mixtape experience, it’s all one MP3 track, approximately 34 minutes long.

Here’s the track breakdown:

  1. Beastie Boys/Jimmy James
  2. Band of Horses/Northwest Apartment
  3. Rodrigo y Gabriela/Triveni
  4. Billy Preston/Nothing From Nothing
  5. Patients/Body Song
  6. Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson/Woe is Mine
  7. The New Pornographers/Your Hands (Together)
  8. Gorillaz/White Flag
  9. Dr. Dog/Keep a Friend
  10. Eels/God’s Silence
  11. Conor Oberst/Souled Out!!
  12. The Beach Boys/Wouldn’t It Be Nice (A Capella)
  13. The Antlers/Kettering
  14. Wilson Pickett/Hey Jude

Click here to download the mixtape.

If anyone can correctly name all the movie clips, I’ll draw a picture of a duck and send it to you in the mail! For realz!