Areas of my life that could use a government bailout

1.My job: Due to recent layoffs, I have found myself with twice the amount of work to do in the same 30 hour per week period. This has caused me to become more invested in my job, and not necessarily in a good way. I mean, it’s not like I love my job, but it has gotten me through college so far and I can generally count on it to be uneventful. With double the responsibility I now tend to worry about my “job performance” and whether or not I sent a coworker the appropriate “email.” Suddenly, all those tacky “grumpy old lady” comics are not only starting to make sense to me, but I can totally relate to them. THAT CRAZY MAXINE!

2. My fitness level: This one reminds me of a t-shirt I saw once that said, “Someone should do something about how fat I’m getting.” Get on it, government!

3. My car: Ever since this summer’s breakdown, old Debbie hasn’t seemed to be doing that well, and now I’m 87% sure that I need a new muffler. Either that or someone came during the night and replaced my engine with a much louder one.

4. That one ache I get in my shoulders sometimes: Pretty self explanatory.


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